I’ve been heartened to see a number of businesses pushing back against the Black Friday madness that, in recent years, has been encroaching on the Thanksgiving holiday.

The irony of holding a celebration of thankfulness on one day and then, early the next morning, (or perhaps even later that night), an orgy of big-screen television snatching greed, couldn’t be more poignant. I’m sure that isn’t an original thought, but it’s worth saying.
I intend to boycott any Black Friday sale that would cause retail employees to have to curtail their family time on Thanksgiving day. In fact, now that the lines are drawn, and a number of business have taken a stand on this issue, I’m not sure I would be easy in my mind about going to one of the really early morning events either.
In short, I’m getting really sick of thanksgiving being marginalized and overlooked because it does not lend itself to becoming a materialistic debauch – the way Black Friday and the whole Christmas season are becoming. For the length of the holiday season we are bombarded with ads that say “buy this” and “buy that.” (All the while making subtle, but implied promises of quite immaterial happiness – have you noticed?) And now they can’t let us have just one day to be thankful for what God has given us?
No! That’s not up to them. They don’t run me. I won’t be stampeded like cattle. I like a good deal as much as the next guy, but if I had to fight somebody for a piece of electronics, I’d let him take it from me out of pure disgust. And I wouldn’t be feeling sorry for myself either – I’d be feeling sorry for him. That’s no way to live.
Then again, maybe that whole rant was just because I hate getting up early. 😛